TG Stretch


Right-gauging for better load safety and stability

ENGAGE is a programme designed in collaboration with Newton R&D Centre to help businesses optimise their stretch film applications for an improved bottom line. Equipped with world-top facilities and seasoned experts, we provide consultations on pallet packaging and unitization.

We perform testing with cutting-edge devices and real-world simulation. Then, we analyse the data and recommend the best design and packaging technique for your load stability and safety. You will learn how to use the RIGHT stretch film at the RIGHT amount, wrapping it the RIGHT way to ensure safe, secure and stable delivery of your precious products through your supply chain to the satisfied customers.


  • REDUCE unsaleables and cost of in-transit damages
  • LOWER labour cost and cycle time
  • CUT DOWN film usage
  • IMPROVE your operations capacity
  • ENHANCE sustainability
  • REDUCE the chances of road accidents due to insecure loads
  • DELIVER your goods undamaged
  • INCREASE customer satisfaction

The way you use your stretch film can significantly boost your profit and improve your overall bottom line.

How ENGAGE Works

Every pallet is different in weight, content and travelling distance, which will impact your delivery performance. So we make it a point to ensure these are factored in our ENGAGE programme.

Call us to ask about ENGAGE. We’ll be happy to show you how you can increase savings through the programme.