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Optimized packaging for your load wraps

Optimized packaging: Selecting The Best Film For Your Loads

Did you know that 4% of transported goods are damaged upon arrival? Factories, warehouses, and businesses are now more aware
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High-performance stretch wrap

High-Performance Stretch Wrap With Consistent Results

Investing in high-performance stretch wrap films is important. The films you use must consistently perform for quality assurance and wrap high-volume products fast and efficiently.
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Thong Guan Reasons Stretch Film Breaks and Tears

TG Perspective: Top 5 Reasons Stretch Film Breaks

Stretch film breaks and tears are common for many businesses.  That means potential wastes that can be detrimental to your bottom line. The good news—it is preventable.
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Watermelon, papaya, melon, pineapple grape, fruit on the market shelf

Is Shrink Film Suitable to Wrap My Products?

Shrink films are often considered to be one of the best packaging materials because they allow you to keep your
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Bolt Stretch Film Dispenser

Fatigue Fighter: Your Flexible Fast Stretch Film Dispenser

Stretch Film Dispensers are plenty in today's market, but one main problem during the palletization process still exists.
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packaging testing methods

Packaging Testing Methods: Optimizing Packaging Needs

Packing and packaging testing methods have become increasingly important considerations for e-commerce. Since the global COVID19 pandemic, many shoppers have
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nano arctic cold chain wrapping

Nano Arctic: Your Cold Chain Wrapping Solution

Cold chain wrapping with machine film can be quite challenging for meat, ice cream, seafood, frozen food, pharmaceutical, or any
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bottling factory recycling factory

European Green Deal: the Future of Plastic Packaging Regulation in European Union

According to the New European Green Deal, all plastic packaging consumed in the European Union must be recyclable by 2030. According
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machine stretch film

Stretch Wrapping Machine: Pair Your Film To The Right One

Stretch wrapping machine films is a significant investment for manufactures, distributors, and logistics firms. The right machine film fulfills packaging
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stretch film TG

Stretch Film Essentials: Keeping Your Pallets Safe

We all know that stretch film is essential for your business, particularly if you are brand owners or in manufacturing,
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#LiveGreen Launch & Sharing Session: Post Webinar Report

#LiveGreen Launch & Sharing Session on Plastic & Sustainability for Global Businesses

The #LiveGreen Launch & Sharing Session was held on the 6th of April, 2021, from 3 PM to 5 pm Malaysia Time (GMT+8) on Zoom Webinar. The purpose of the session was to launch Thong Guan’s #LiveGreen program officially while running a sharing session that talks about ‘Plastic and Its Role in Sustainability for Global Businesses’.
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Nano 10-micron: What can you do to outsmart the plastic resins price surge?

With the continued surge of plastic resins price, what can you do to outsmart the price surge? Consider Thong Guan's Nano 10-micron.
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