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retail packaging

Top Tips For Retail Packaging To Make Your Brand Stand Out

Retail packaging helps in the improvement of sales and the development of the overall business.
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ocean bound plastic

What are Ocean-Bound Plastics and the Problem for the Environment?

Single-use plastics typically end up in the ocean and cause great harm to the environment.
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clear plastic bags

Clear or Transparent vs. Opaque Packing: How to Choose?

Whether opaque, clear, or transparent packaging is required depends on the product.
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warehouse employees working with pallet boxes

Benefits of Palletization and Wrapping in Logistics

Let's discuss the basics of palletization and the benefits of automated palletization through pallet wrapping machines and other related equipment.
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which is better for the environment: plastic or paper? header

Recycling Plastics vs Papers

Recycling plastics vs papers has always been a heated discussion among industries but necessary with great exigence.
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A recycling bin stuffed with plastic water bottles

How to Know if Plastic is Recyclable?

Plastics that have #1 (PETE) or #2 (HDPE) are the most commonly recycled plastics.
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A recycling bin plastic can

Innovation Ideas to Solve Plastic Packaging Problems

Today, more people have become eco-conscious and they prefer to buy eco-friendly products or products that come with eco-friendly packaging.
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TGSH Plant

How We Turn Trash Into Treasure

Do you know that Thong Guan has a recycling facility? About 20 years ago, we knew we wanted to pursue the sustainability path. Closing the loop was one of the ways that we knew is not just an option but necessary.
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Introducing Maxstretch Stealth the black opaque stretch wrap

Costly Snag to Black Opaque Stretch Wrap

The black opaque stretch wrap serves its purpose of concealing your valuable goods. However, there are significant potential setbacks to using the market available coloured stretch wraps we are concerned about.
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plastic resin

Plastic Resin Report and Trend: Are Prices Up for This Year?

Even though plastic wraps are normally used for preserving food, there are many other uses that are not commonly known.
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3d printer filament

What Types of Plastic are Used in 3D Printing?

Even though plastic wraps are normally used for preserving food, there are many other uses that are not commonly known.
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TG awarded GRS certificate for green commitment

TG awarded GRS certificate achieving over 50% recycled content

Thong Guan has recently added one more green certificate to their portfolio—the GRS certificate. In our unique position as a flexible packaging manufacturer, we strive to inspire and help others achieve their sustainability goals.
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