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plastic covering furniture

Tips to Protect Your Belongings from a Flood

Keep reading this post to learn how you can protect your belongings from a flood.
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Wrapping Up 2021

The new year stands before us. Before it ends, we want to thank everyone who's been supportive.
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Surprising Uses For Plastic Wrap

Surprising Uses For Plastic Wrap: Not Just For Food Only

Even though plastic wraps are normally used for preserving food, there are many other uses that are not commonly known.
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Recycled Plastics in Food Packaging: A Study Image Summary

Recycled Plastics in Food Packaging: When can we move forward with this?

Is recycled plastics in food packaging possible? Let's explore the innovation possibilities with a study.
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Thong Guan on Load Failures factors - uneven load integrity

6 Load Failure Factors & How to Optimise Your Wrapping

The factors to your stretch wrapping load failures are rather known to many. Here are the factors and one golden formula for you to wrap like a pro.
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disinfecting a box

The New Normal for Packaging Design: Post Covid-19 Pandemic

When introducing new packaging, keep a consumer-safety mindset in mind.
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Thong Guan iPak5 Eagle Eye for operational excellence and sustainability goals, full visibility and traceability

iPak5: How to Achieve Operational Excellence & Sustainability Goals

There is a lack of visibility in the packaging industry.  This means brand owners and packaging businesses are not tracing
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A young woman standing in front of the refrigerator

How to Make Your Food Last Longer in the Refrigerator

A refrigerator is more than simply a box that keeps food cold. It’s a high-tech device that employs sophisticated controls
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Thong Guan closing the loop linear economy, reuse economy, circular economy

What does closing the loop truly means in the packaging context?

What does it take for us to achieve sustainability? How can we all work together towards closing the loop?
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Thong Guan Why focus on post-consumer recycled resins global plastic waste

Why should we focus on post-consumer recycled resins?

As Thong Guan progressively adopts the sustainability culture, we continue to engineer and innovate products with post-consumer recycled resins. The
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Thong Guan Recycled Plastics Series Articles: NanoGreen 30% recycled machine films high quality acceleration test - meet film requirements

#RecycledPlasticsSeries: 5. Application challenges with recycled machine films

What are the potential challenges you will meet in using recycled machine films? Click to learn more about our thoughts.
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plastic grains

5 Plastic Alternatives When Running into Resin Shortages

The COVID-19 pandemic has massively disrupted the global supply chain. As a result, more and more organizations are looking for
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