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Thong Guan #RecycledPlasticsSeries Recycling Machine Recycled Materials

#RecycledPlasticsSeries: 3. Production challenges in handling recycled materials

Retaining the quality of films with recycled materials is possible. However, there are challenges to handling recycled materials. Find out why recycled films do not come cheap—price & quality persepectives.
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Recycled Plastics Films Thong Guan Plastic Mechanical-Properties-Stretch Film puncture test

#RecycledPlasticsSeries: 2. Our obsessions with mechanical properties

How do we achieve customers' film requirements, particularly recycled films? It takes a lot of complex processes and approaches. But most importantly we look at data—the films mechanical properties and profiles.
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Recycled Plastics Garbage Bags

#RecycledPlasticsSeries: 1. Differences between PCR & PIR

Plastic packaging manufacturers or converters are under increasing pressure to incorporate recycled plastics in their products today. Here are the basic differences between PCR & PIR on the first of our #RecycledPlasticsSeries articles.
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recycled machine film NanoGreen

Closing the Loop with NanoGreen: 30% Recycled Machine Film

We should all invest in recycled machine film from now onwards. Plastics are indeed valuable commodities in the packaging ecosystem,
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plastic bottles

Tips and Methods to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution isn’t new yet it has not stopped endangering wildlife and threatening the ecosystem. According to UN Environment, around
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Food Wrap Klarity Thong Guan

Klarity Food Wrap: Food Never Looked So Good

Do you know that food wrap has an important role in a buyers decision-making process? Shoppers will find any reasons
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Myths About Stretch film

Myths About Stretch Film: Thinner Equals Better?

The rising myths about stretch films and the misconceptions on choosing the right film tend to confuse many. As a
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shrink film on water bottles

What are the Differences Between Shrink Wrapping vs. Vacuum Sealing?

Shrink wrap (also known as stretch film, shrink seal or stretch wrap) is a versatile polymer material used for the
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The benefits of the use of plastic pallets

Sustainability Goals: Why We Are Moving To Plastic Pallets

Have you ever heard of the use of plastic pallets? That’s right.  You can now replace the typical wooden pallets
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sustainability in the plastic industry

Sustainability In The Plastic Industry: Is It Possible?

There is a growing movement around the topic of sustainability in the plastic industry.  We know that many people have
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cold transport vaccine

The COVID-19 Vaccine’s Logistical Distribution Challenges in Malaysia

Every country around the world is still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries in Asia, including Malaysia,
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Optimized packaging for your load wraps

Optimized packaging: Selecting The Best Film For Your Loads

Did you know that 4% of transported goods are damaged upon arrival? Factories, warehouses, and businesses are now more aware
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