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Nano Glide

No screeching. No breakage.

Nano Glide is a nano stretch film specially designed with slip technology, giving you a high level of slip surface on the outside so your load can slide off each other. A film so smooth each pallet glides against the other with less friction; more grace, increasing your efficiency and productivity in the warehouse.

With Nano Glide, you can say goodbye to the risk of compromising your load integrity from load-to-load contact film breakage.

Nano Glide USP #1 - Slip Technology

Slip Technology

Nano Glide USP #2 - reduce load-to-load contact film breakage

Reduce Load-to-Load Contact Film Breakage

Nano Glide USP #3 - Retain Load Stability During Transportation

Retain Load Stability During Transportation

Nano Glide USP #4 - Promote Occupational Safety

Promote Occupational Safety

Nano Glide USP #5 - High Quality Performance Film

High Quality Performance Film

Nano Glide USP #6 - Offer High Holding Force

Offer High Holding Force

Looking to increase your warehouse efficiency & productivity without compromising your load integrity? 

Get sliding with Nano Glide today.