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Maxstretch Stealth

Go Invisible, Go Invincible

Maxstretch Stealth is a super-stiff, low-gauge, high-opaque, green film optimal for load containment. Comes with 30% recycled content, this green film is easy to wrap to achieve excellent load retention. With less stretching needed, the rigid film gives you great wrapping consistency. 

The high opacity offers significant brand differentiation and UV protection while protecting your privacy. What’s more, it gives you an overall reduced cost of wrapping per pallet because you don’t have to increase your resolution to increase the obscurity.


Perfect for Concealing Valuable Goods

Stiff Film for Optimal Load Containment

Reduce Cost of Wrapping per Pallet

#LoopCloser Film with 30% Recycled Content

Nano Glide USP #5 - High Quality Performance Film

High Wrapping Consistency

Quick & Easy to Wrap

Need your loads to be invisible to stay invincible? While taking a step towards achieving your sustainability goal?

Get your 30% recycled Maxstretch Stealth today.

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