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Marketing & Product Improvement Policy

The purpose of this policy is to roll out marketing strategies included ethical advertising  which not only in terms of profits and promoting safe food to consumers but also in terms of the responsibilities toward social, environmental and be a good governance to meet the rule of law for whatever declared in the advertising. We strictly follow the requirement under Food Act 1983 & Regulation 1985 to meet the compliance of advertising, marketing and labelling in such a way to communicate and educate the community on all the products nutrition and health claims. We are committed to train and educate all staff to be competent in handling the advertising, marketing or labelling to ensure we are always compliance to the Food Act Requirement.

We actively get involve in tea & coffee association as a platform for us to interact, co-operative and develop tea & coffee trade besides to further understand their cultures locally and abroad as well as carrying out social responsibilities. We are the members of:-

  1. Tea Trade Association of Malaysia
  2. Malaysia Tea Merchant Association
  3. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce And Industry of Central Kedah
  4. The North Malaya Coffee And Curry Powder Millers Association
  5. Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (Kedah-Perlis Branch)
  6. Organic Alliance Malaysia Berhad

We are compliance and being certified and granted for the certification of HACCP, GMP, HALAL, MeSTI, MyOrganic, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and Skim Persijilan Makanan Organic.

We always continuous looking for better nutrient product to promote good health product to public for their healthy condition and protecting from chronic disease. We have introduced various types of natural and organic beans, grains, seeds and noodle to community whereby the organic product able to preserve the environment since there are free from chemicals and pesticides.

We targeted to introduce and launch better nutrition products at least two (2) items per annum. We are accountability and transparency in regularly disclosing publicly the progress made in improving products.

We actively involved in various types of potential products and “Original Equipment Engineering” (OEM) research and development which have market demand or required by customers. We will continue proactively promoting, offering or attractively pricing accordance to Food Act requirement to reduce negative product impact and enhance credibility in community.

We always concern on the nutrition care for vulnerable group in need especially those infant, kid, teenage, senior citizens to maintain a balanced diet. We have produced various types of bb and kid noodle in guiding them to chew and providing them a chance to experience new texture and nutrient. We have also followed the government guideline to reduce negative product impact by reducing the sugar level of most of our products to decrease obesity and overweigh issue in current community.