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Thin but tough

Nano-layered thin film yet tough with good grip for better load stability

Lower your cost per load for each containment with less film needed

Flexible film customization for your goods, wrapping machine or hand wrapping needs

High durability against puncture and tearing perforation

Highly stretchable and able to perform at higher speed wrapping

Pre-stretched for hand wrapping

Economical for transportation and less shelf space needed

Environmentally safe


Nano Glide

Specially designed with slip technology to give you no screeching, no film breakage

Nano Green

High-quality green machine film with high containment force for your load safety—recycling reimagined

Nano Arctic

The best film for protecting your goods in icy environments. –Protect Your Goods in Extreme Cold

Nano Bio

Made from renewable raw materials with the same quality without impacting packaging recyclability.

Nano Xecure

Your incredibly ‘xecure’ load solution


Asia’s first 55-layers nanotechnology stretch film—less effort, more speed


Incredibly “thinner”, superbly safer & tougher



Green hand film fit for Bolt™, making sustainability possible even for hand wrapping.

Nano Zero

As green as it can get for your sustainability goal—zero yet mighty


Nano Lite

All the benefits of Nano55 in your hands—maximise your savings, minimise your waste


Bolt is a fatigue fighter designed to solve consistency issues for hand wrapping. – goodbye worry, hello consistency

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