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Highly reliable PVC food wrap with the best quality-price ratio

Calcium Carbonate

  • Used with a myriad of thermoplastic or polymer resins
  • Added to polypropylene (PP) for increased rigidity
  • Helps decrease surface energy and provides opacity and surface gloss that improves surface finish
  • Produced in-house to reduce our plastic production costs
  • To have better control of quality
  • To have carefully controlled particle size for improved strength and stiffness in our products

Colour Masterbatch

  • Produced in solid or liquid additive to colour plastics. 
  • Available in white, blue and yellow colours.
  • The pigment & additive parts are mixed into the base polymer to give it colour depending on your requirements
  • Gives us better control of quality, costing and color variety

Polymer Processing Aid

  • Used in polymer formulation to improve processing efficiency and quality of polymeric compounds
  • Added into polyethene (PE) to increase productivity and product quality

Have specific colour or property requirements?