In-house manufactured additives.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate (CC) is a chemical compound used with a myriad of thermoplastic or polymer resins. Typically used with polypropylene (PP) compounds to increase rigidity. It also helps decrease surface energy and provides opacity and surface gloss that improves surface finish.

By processing and producing our own CC, we can cut down the costs of our plastic production. On top of that, control the quality and property of our plastic produce. Our CC is produced with carefully controlled particle size to help improve strength and stiffness in our plastic produce.

Colour Masterbatch

Masterbatch is a solid or liquid additive used to colour plastics. In the year 2009, we started our compounding lines producing white masterbatches. Our masterbatches, toughlene, are now available in white, blue and yellow colours. The pigment and additive parts are then mixed into the base polymer to give it colour depending on your requirements. Instead of buying fully compounded material, which can be rather expensive and offer less colour variability, producing our own masterbatches enables us to control our costing.

Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatch

Polymer Processing Aid (PPA) is a fluoropolymers-based additives. It is used in polymer formulation to improve processing efficiency and quality of polymeric compounds. When added into polyethene (PE) materials, it increases productivity and quality of PE materials when extruded. During the extrusion process for PE films or tubes, the molten polymers flow with a higher speed in the middle of the extruder than on the sides. The difference in speed can lead to melt fracture, die build up or polymer degradation that causes gel and black spots at the exit of the extruder.