Solving Hand-Wrapping Challenges with Bolt Series Hand Wrapping System

Thong Guan’s Bolt™ Series Revolutionises Efficiency and Sustainability

Pallet hand-wrapping is a critical step in the logistics and supply chain industry, ensuring the safe and secure transport of goods. 

While automated wrapping machines have gained popularity, there are situations where hand-wrapping remains a necessity. 

For businesses facing challenges such as low production volume or cost concerns, Thong Guan’s Bolt Series emerges as a game-changer, addressing these issues with innovative solutions.

Why Hand-Wrapping Matters

In the world of logistics, hand-wrapping pallets plays a pivotal role, even as automated machines become more prevalent. 

There are scenarios where hand-wrapping proves essential, such as when production volumes are modest, and the investment in wrapping machines is not warranted. 

Here, the Bolt™ Series steps in to bridge the gap.

Common Challenges in Pallet Hand-Wrapping

Manual pallet wrapping presents a host of challenges that can hamper efficiency and productivity. 

Inconsistent tension during wrapping or shift changes, slower wrapping speeds, physical strain on workers’ bodies, and the risk of unstable loads leading to damaged goods or accidents are among the issues companies face. 

Additionally, there’s the concern of overconsumption of plastic wrap, which not only increases costs but also raises environmental concerns.

Introducing Thong Guan’s Bolt Series Hand Wrapping System

Bolt Series Hand Wrapping System

Thong Guan’s Bolt Series offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges. 

This series consists of two key components: Bolt and Bolt Xtra.

Bolt Fatigue-Fighter Dispensers

These dispensers are designed for ease of use, featuring lightweight construction compared to other hand-wrapping solutions equipped with pre-stretch devices. 

They provide consistent wrapping force onto the load, ensuring a secure wrap every time. 

Whether it’s a change of operator during shift change or operators with different strengths, you can be assured of consistent wrapping.

Furthermore, installation or a new roll of film changeover is a breeze. We provide the video guide in 5 languages to help operators ensure a smooth installation.

Here’s the English one:

For unique wrapping needs, we have the torque limiter/tension controller to help you manage secondary force based on your load. 

This will provide ample holding force for your varying load consistently. 

For instance, soft loads will require lower tension, while heavy loads require higher tension. You just need to adjust the torque limiter to control the tension.

The 2nd generation Bolt also comes with magnets and a base plate, making storage of the dispenser convenient.

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Bolt™ Xtra 

This variant offers wider coverage, setting it apart from competitors with its 485 mm width (at 475 mm with folded edge). 

When paired with the FlexLite, businesses achieve unprecedented wrapping efficiency, leading to streamlined operations.

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The Flex Films

To complement the Bolt Series, Thong Guan offers a range of films designed for optimum performance.


These films are specifically tailored to work seamlessly with Bolt and Bolt Xtra. 

They offer consistent stretching at their optimum point and feature a folded edge to prevent tearing at the edges. 

Their high transparency ensures clear optics on wrapped loads when required. 

These films come with a 1-inch core for sustainability, allowing more packaging per volume with reduced paper consumption per roll. 

FlexLite is suited for both Bolt and Bolt Xtra, depending on your wrapping needs.

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For those who are environmentally conscious and would like to contribute to the closing of the loop, we offer 30% recycled content films as well. FlexLite30 is designed to fit Bolt perfectly.

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Benefits for Businesses

Businesses that rely on hand films and manual wrapping processes can reap numerous benefits from Thong Guan’s solutions. 

Examples include warehouses, distribution centres, and supermarkets. 

Major supermarkets in Europe and Australia have embraced these solutions, experiencing advantages like thinner gauge films, increased pallets wrapped per roll, easy-to-use dispensers, saving cost, and enhanced wrapping efficiency.

Ease of Learning and Implementation

One of the key advantages of the Bolt Series is its user-friendliness. 

Thong Guan has provided a wealth of educational materials on social media platforms to help users learn the usage and wrapping methods. 

Furthermore, Thong Guan collaborates with partners worldwide to distribute the Bolt Series, making them accessible to businesses around the globe.


In an industry where precision and efficiency are paramount, Thong Guan’s Bolt Series and FlexLite films have emerged as the go-to solution for businesses facing pallet hand-wrapping challenges. 

With their user-friendly design, consistent performance, and sustainability benefits, these products represent a significant step forward in the world of manual pallet wrapping. 

By embracing these innovations, businesses can enjoy smoother operations, reduced costs, and a greener footprint, ultimately redefining the art of hand-wrapping in the supply chain.

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Solving Hand-Wrapping Challenges with Bolt Series Hand Wrapping System

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