The benefits of the use of plastic pallets

Have you ever heard of the use of plastic pallets?

That’s right. 

You can now replace the typical wooden pallets in almost all light to heavy industrial use with plastic ones.

There are ample benefits not just for your sustainability goals but the total cost in the long run as well.

If you are still unsure or have not heard about plastics pallets and the benefits you could reap from using plastic pallets, then this article is for you.

How and Why the Use of Plastic Pallets? 

You can ship any products like wooden pallets can with plastic pallets—transportation, packaging, storage, and even to support displays in stores. 

No doubt, wood pallets are still in demand for it’s conventional and proven means to get the job done. 

However, demands for plastic pallets are also on the rise, for good reasons. 

Ironically, it’s not about using fewer plastics, but more about the benefits it offers. 

Usually, wood pallets are disposed of in a landfill at the end of their useful lives. Plastic pallets, on the other hand, last longer and are more durable. Plastic waste can produce new pallets that can be reused repeatedly, contributing to a closed-loop supply chain system. 

Plastic pallets support the circular business model because it keeps plastics back inside the supply chain.

What are some of the common disadvantages of wooden pallets compared to the use of plastic pallets?

  • Not durable – Pallets cannot be reused again and again. Being organic, the lifetime of wood pallet is short, and it will eventually rot (not built to last)
  • Damages and repairs – Once a wooden pallet is damaged, it is hard to salvage
  • Wooden pallets come from trees– the fewer trees chopped, the better it is for nature  
  • Protection of contamination– There is also contamination and infestation of insects and termites for the food and medical industry. Imagine wooden pallets in a damp and sugary condition at an ice cream factory. That does not sound very hygienic, right? 


What Are the Benefits of the Use of Plastic Pallets? 

Plastic pallets can be made from 100% recycled plastic and do what wood pallet does. 

It is best used to transport medication packages, fresh and frozen foods, and other items that require strict hygienic conditions. Pallets made of plastic do not absorb moisture as wood does. They are easy to wash, disinfect and clean – perfect for those who need sanitary and pristine conditions. 

Pallets made of plastics are eco-friendly since they are durable and have a longer useful life span than wood. Standard wooden pallets last around 3-5 years, while plastic pallets can last up to 10 years (or 250 trips). 

Users appreciate that plastic pallets can be reused many times without breaking, making them ideal for storage and re-use in warehouses. Besides being light, sleek, and splinter-free, they are also easy to handle. Its durability makes it an ideal choice for pallet wrapping machine usage.

TL,DR: Here is a list of benefits to gain by using plastic pallets:

  • Sustainable usage – Plastic pallets can be utilized repeatedly. If it gets dirty, it can easily be washed thoroughly and re-used. You can opt for 100% recycled materials too. 
  • Plastic pallets are easier to transport – Plastic pallets are less likely to become damaged after repeated transportations than wood pallets are. Compared to wooden pallets of the same size and design, plastic pallets weigh about 27% less. The lighter weight also means less shipping fees. 
  • Recyclable and reusable – You can easily recycle plastic pallets once worn out. It can be broken down and reproduced with 100% recycled material.
  • Safer for everyone – Plastic pallets are safer than wood pallets. You do not have to deal with splinters, nails, and broken panels. Your packages will be better protected, and operatives enjoy a safer working environment.
  • Infestation and insects free – There is no need to fumigate wooden pallets. Unlike wood, plastic pallets don’t have insect infestations nor contaminations. 
  • Hygienic and does not decompose – Plastic pallets play a significant role in dust sensitive item industries such as food & medical because they are susceptible to pollutants. Unlike wood, it does not absorb moisture, so there are no more concerns like rot, odour absorption, and fumigation. 


Conclusion: Moving Towards A Better Option 

Today, it is clear that plastic pallets have so much more to offer than traditional wood pallets.

With plastic pallets, you can gain more than you think. Over the long run, you save money and show that you care about the environment. 

Now is the right time to become part of the closed-loop supply chain. Together, we can shape the future of global supply chain solutions. 

Contact us at and let us show you how.

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