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Nano stretch film is a highly elastic-plastic material used to wrap items and secure them on pallets. It is a new technology of multi-layered stretch film.

One of the greatest benefits of nano stretch film is that it can reduce the thickness while retaining a strong holding force on the wrapped pallet.

Nano stretch film is made from LLDPE. This material is perfect for wrapping and securing loads as it is extremely flexible.

Stretch film in Malaysia offers a wide variety of cost-effective films for pallet wrapping machines or hand-applied to help you save time, money, and protect your products.


Features of Nano Stretch Film

  • Nano stretch film is thin but at the same time, it is tougher and has a good grip for pallet load stability.
  • You can use less stretch film so you can lower your cost per load.
  • Flexible. It can be easily adapted to fit the nature of items wrapped and types of high-speed pallet wrapping machines.
  • Stronger durability against puncture and tearing the perforation
  • Highly stretchable
  • Less self space needed
  • Eco-friendly

stretch film

Why Use Nano Stretch Films To Wrap Your Goods?

Here are the main benefits of nano stretch films:


1. Pallet Load Safety

Stretch film will protect your goods as it will keep them free of moisture, dust, and dirt. When you use nano stretch film the shipping damage is minimal. They can also protect your items from ultraviolet rays and reduce the instances of pilferage.


2. Increase Worker Productivity

When you use the stretch wrap, workers can easily scan through optics, resulting in more productivity. Because it is easier to wrap, you will save time and money, and pallet loading and transportation can be performed faster and more effectively.


3. Save Money

Stretch film is the best alternative to wrap your products. The stretch wrap machine/equipment is affordable compared to the other alternatives and they also consume less energy, making them more environmentally friendly.

Besides, your per load packaging cost can be reduced significantly as you will need less film because of its toughness.


4. Pallet Load Securing

Using nano stretch film will keep your shipment safe as it can sustain punctures. If for any reason the stretch film is torn, it will not lead to further tearing. This will prevent your goods from getting damaged and avoid customer dissatisfaction.

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What is the Difference Between Stretch Film and Shrink Film?

Many use the terms shrink wrap and stretch wrap interchangeably, but you have to keep in mind that they are two different products.

The main difference between shrink wrap and stretch wrap is that the formal is a clear plastic that is not stretchy. Also, shrink film requires heat to cling to the product and it is commonly used for direct contact with food.

Stretch wrap is an elastic film that is commonly used to wrap and secure loads on pallets for shipping purposes. It clings to itself creating a tightly wrapped, secure packaging.

There are a wide variety of stretch films such as:

  • UV stretch film
  • Coloured stretch film
  • Pre-stretch film

Stretch film is more adaptable than other films.

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The Bottom Line

Thanks to nanotechnology, it is possible to get thinner films to perform in the same manner just like the thicker traditional stretch film. Nano stretch film has better stretchability, it is puncture resistant and it is stronger to hold all your goods. 

Thong Guan Industries Berhad is now working with stretch films that have 33 layers, which enables us to have more control and to increase the effectiveness of their performance.

The use of nano stretch film has many benefits, including:

  • Reduced packaging costs
  • Greater efficiency
  • Greater pallet load security
  • Less damage during the transportation process
  • More environmentally friendly compared to the current “non-nano” films.

Stretch film can stretch around corners of products, boxes, and pallets. It is made from Linear-Low-Density Polyethylene (also known as LLDPE), which is the perfect material for wrapping and securing loads thanks to its flexibility.

If you want to know which type of nano-stretch film is the best for your wrapping requirements, get in touch with us. Our professional and friendly staff will be pleased to provide you with all the information you need.

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