High-performance stretch wrap

Investing in high-performance stretch wrap films is important.

As a manufacturer, shipper, distribution center, or distributor you will need cost-effective packing and secured shipping.

The films you use must consistently perform for quality assurance and wrap high-volume products fast and efficiently. 

The correct high-performance stretch wrap machines will save you time and money.

Also, in ensuring professional-looking, secure packing that can withstand rough and tumble transport.

However, it is easy to get caught up with mere costing when choosing the suitable stretch wrap film and wrapping practices to optimize your packaging process. 

There is no doubt—choosing the best machine film is undoubtedly essential.

However, which high-performance stretch film should you use that gives you consistent performance and safe delivery?

Get Your Loads to Arrive Safely with High-Performance Stretch Wraps 

High-performance stretch films are low gauge films but engineered with a multilayered resin process.

As such, offering you better clarity, puncture and tear resistance, and cling compared to typical films.

That almost guarantees your palletized loads arrive without damage. 

This plastic cling film is best suited for shipping heavier items that you need to secure during transit and pack several smaller objects together to reduce shipping costs further.

The market has seen an increase in demand for high-performance stretch wraps. 

Industrial stretch film manufacturers have grown in recent years—and with it, so has the variety and choices. 

So how do you know which type of machine film to choose? 

The reality is the film that comes off the roll is only one of several factors that affect end-user performance. 

Some things that you must consider are: 

  • How easy is the material to unwind?

  • How easy is it to cut?

  • How well does it perform when applied?

Advantages of High-Performance Stretch Wrap

So why consider high-performance stretch wraps over standard stretch wraps?  

The core advantages of high-performance stretch wraps are lightweight, good anti-static performance, and flexibility. 

In fact, high-performance stretch wrap is much stronger than regular stretch wraps, which can easily withstand heavy loads and package lighter ones. 

Nanolayered Films Vs Traditional Thick Gauge Films 

But does high-performance mean it would cost more?

it really depends on the wrapping machine that you are using, wrap speed and also load type that you are working on too. 

if you are using soft films, you would probably get better savings as compared to stiff films. However, your goods may not be as secure if stretching isn’t done right. 

If you are using stiff films, you may get more protection but it would cost you more. 

Nanotechnology: The Game Changer

Thanks to nanotechnology, you can now break free from thicker gauge to gain the best stretch performance. This new tech of compact Nano-layered stretch film enables thinner films to perform the same—as thicker traditional stretch films do. 

Here are some benefits of which nano stretch film can do:

  1. It can handle high-speed wrapping so that outputs are fast and prompt

  2. Nanotechnology films do not tear easily as standard thin films do

  3. It has excellent puncture resistance

  4. Great holding force and saves cost

Nanotechnology enables better stretchability like soft films, and it is tougher to secure your goods to face any in-transit rumble and tumble—just like stiff films do.

It reduces the thickness of machine films while maintaining a strong holding force on the wrapped pallet you can trust.

Asia’s First 55-Layers Nanotechnology Stretch Film: Less Effort, More Consistency

So which nanotech stretch film should I use for optimum stretch wraps? 

When it comes to nanotechnology, Thong Guan’s game-changer Nano55 10-micron stretch film is the way to go. Compacting 55 layers and thinner than the average cheap thin films, it ensures: 

  1. Quality creates consistency — Film performs the same at every wrap. Just because it is thin, it doesn’t mean more revolutions. With 55 layers, we got you covered. More cost savings achieved due to high-performance film applications. You can also use roping to re-inforced thin-film wrapping in protruded goods combination without extra revolution wraps.

  2. Cost savings — If you are still using 17, 20, 23 um films, Nano55 will be cost-saving for you. Talk to us to get advice on the best gauge film according to your machine type. 

  3. High puncture propagation — Decreases product collapse tremendously and any unanticipated tears during shipping or transits with proper stretching ratio (strain hardening areas).

  4. Optimum stretch  — Optimum force is reached when you obtain the “sweet spot” in your stretch. Nanotech enables flexibility and elongation to hold your products safe no matter the condition during shipping. 

The question is, what does “optimum stretch” mean for you? 

To gain the sweet spot of optimum stretch, you would need to adjust your wrapping machine to achieve better load stability and less damage during transit. 

Testing labs like Newton Research & Development Centre help you understand your load containment and packing needs through real-world simulation. 

This way, you can achieve the optimum packing results for unitizing your wrapping and pallets. 

The good news is that Newton is expanding to China (CARGOSAFE) and Europe soon so you can have access to top-notch tests for your optimization needs. 

Can Nano55 Work For You? 

Besides consistent performance, Nano55 10-micron machine film can be made bio-based —helping you take one step closer to reach your sustainability goals. 

Talk to us today about how you can benefit from our nanotechnology films. It is time to optimize your wrapping for a better overall bottom line. 

Contact us today at info@thongguan.com for more info.

High-performance stretch wrap

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