A lot of businesses, especially small ones, find it challenging to minimize their shipping costs. Similarly, if a company delivers a large number of goods on a daily basis (like Amazon or FedEx), it needs to spend a significant portion of its budget on shipping procedures.

If the shipping costs are not adequately maintained and strategized, they can significantly reduce your profits. All types of businesses, to lower delivery costs and earn more profits, should efficiently perform the shipping and delivery of parcels –parcel management.

Modern shipping techniques and technology allow businesses to adopt quick and cost-efficient shipping methods, like pallet shipping, using excellent stretch films available in Malaysia. Let’s learn about these important strategies that can help you save money while shipping.

1. Suitable Packaging

There are many types of packaging available that are suitable for different materials. For example, if the items are fragile, you should leave about two inches of space for safety and have sufficient bubble wrap around them.

Pallet stretch films are considered to be one of the safest types of packaging because they are durable and minimize the chances of shipping damage.

Using the right type of packaging can be the make-or-break factor in saving shipping costs because you will not have to pay for unnecessary boxes.

Moreover, if you use boxes for shipping, you will have to use a strong, heavy-duty tape to seal the packages for safety, increasing your delivery costs.

Instead, if you wrap the packages in stretch wrap, you will not have to spend money on buying any additional items, like tape.

Small and regular boxes can be used for small deliveries instead of heavy packaging boxes that result in high parcel costs.

2. Recycling

Stretch films are one of the most popular packaging options around the world, including Malaysia, because they are recyclable. You should implement the same type of strategy with all types of packaging.

For example, if your business receives a lot of goods, you should carefully unpack these boxes and store them for later use.

Ensure that the boxes are not damaged while unboxing; hence, you can use the same boxes for shipping regular items. This will save you a lot of money.

However, it is important to note that recycling and reusing boxes is not feasible for every kind of item. For maximum safety of premium and fragile items, you need to buy new boxes.

It is also important that you maintain an up-to-date record of shipping and track how much money you are spending on your shipping operations.

3. Stop Buying Expensive Packaging Materials

Most businesses are so focused on finding shipping partners and new packaging material that they often forget that there are some really good and inexpensive packaging materials that may be used for shipping.

Pallet stretch films are a safe material and one of the most cost-efficient solutions to numerous shipping problems. To reduce shipping costs, stop buying expensive packaging materials and say “no” to materials that are expensive and harmful to the environment.

You should adopt stretch films for your business in Malaysia because they are much more cost-efficient than materials like heat shrink films or strapping, plus they consume less time and energy, which speeds up the shipping process.

Also, they are versatile, safe and easy and may be used for packing almost anything.

4. Pallet Shipping

Pallet shipping is sending several boxes or packages to another location by stacking the parcels on a pallet and sending them as one shipment.

It will dramatically reduce the time – and especially the shipping cost – because you will not have to send the packages one by one.

Moreover, the packages will be safe, because they will be delivered as one shipment instead of being separated during transit.

Stretch films are typically used to give extra safety to the boxes. A significant advantage of pallet shipping is that you can use it to ship both lightweight and heavyweight items.

Every business should adopt pallet shipping to cut shipping costs; however, the company must be familiar with preparing packages for this type of shipping with pallet stretch films to maximize safety and cost-efficiency.

In a Nutshell

Shipping is a significant and regular part of the majority of businesses, which makes it essential to adopt the best shipping practices to ensure the safe delivery of products at a minimum cost of the company.

It is a continuous process, as you should always be looking for the latest and least expensive way of shipping your products to help meet your bottom line.

If you follow the strategies discussed above, you will definitely enjoy a considerable decrease in shipping costs, and hence, you will have more profits.

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