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Load Stability On The Move - mobile test truck

Are you tired of product damage during transportation, shipping delays, and increased costs?

These challenges can be frustrating and costly for brand owners and logistics professionals.

That’s why we are excited to introduce to you a new solution that can help alleviate these problems—Load Stability On The Move.

Load Stability On The Move is a mobile packaging testing solution that offers accurate and reliable test results, all from the convenience of our truck.

So whether you’re in a warehouse or the production floor in a suburb or another city, Load Stability On The Move is ready to help you achieve your load stability testing goals.

This article will explore how Load Stability On The Move can revolutionise how you approach load stability testing.

The Need for Load Stability Testing

I’m sure you know the critical role packaging plays in transporting your products.

The safety and quality of your products during transportation are at risk of external forces such as vibrations, impact, compressions, and temperature changes.

What’s more, the impact of inferior packaging may lead to 

  • product damage,
  • contamination, and
  • spoilage.

All these will lead to additional reverse logistic costs such as storage fees, expedited shipping, repacking and product replacement.

Load Stability On The Move - Product Damage
Thong Guan on Load Failures factors - uneven load integrity
Thong Guan on Load Failures factors - uneven load integrity

Failure to conduct proper load stability testing can bring detrimental impact leading to increased costs in terms of lost sales, reputation damage, and potential legal fees associated with product recalls.

Moreover, all the wastage from handling damages, spoilage, repacking and more is not the best for the environment or your sustainability goals.

What is Load Stability Testing?

Load stability testing involves subjecting the packaged product to a series of tests that simulate the real-world conditions it will encounter during transportation. 

The tests aim to determine the packaging’s ability to withstand forces such as vibration, shock, and compression, which can cause the packaged product to shift, tilt, or tip over. 

This is how a load stability may look like.

The testing also evaluates how the packaging can protect the product from temperature changes, humidity, and other environmental factors affecting its quality.

Therefore, load stability testing is crucial for ensuring the safety and quality of products during transportation. 

By subjecting the packaged product to realistic testing conditions, packaging engineers can identify potential weaknesses and make necessary adjustments to ensure that the packaging can withstand transportation forces and protect the products inside.

Data is collected and analysed. From the report, you will understand the root cause of the problem and potential weaknesses and gain insights into possible improvements.

The Limitations of the Traditional Approach to Load Stability Testing

However, traditional load stability testing can be rather cumbersome. 

One of the significant drawbacks is the process that involves sending a few of your wrapped packages to a testing site, as the bench test device is stationary.

At the testing site, your pallet loads will be subjected to various forces, such as vibration, shock, and compression, to determine the packaging’s ability to protect the product.

Due to the tedious process, many brand owners only send their packaged load for testing after accidents occur.

Load Stability On The Move

As a result, new approaches such as Load Stability On the Move have emerged to provide a more convenient way for brand owners to submit their packaging loads through comprehensive and cost-effective testing solutions.

Load Stability On The Move is an innovative solution conceived by Newton Research & Development Centre. As a member of EUMOS, Load Stability On The Move offers load stability testing according to EUMOS 40509 standard commonly used in Europe. 

The truck contains a turntable wrapper equipped with an iPAK5 solution and focuses on testing pallet stability all in a day. 

With the load stability testing going mobile, we can go to you with our Load Stability On The Move, saving you time and resources from the traditional approach to getting load stability testing.

Furthermore, with our test engineers on site, we can quickly help to identify any packaging issues you are facing and address them on the spot.

Our Load Stability On The Move was recently showcased at the Interpack 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany. 

It is now accessible in Europe. So customers in Spain, Germany and England, get in touch with us today to get us mobilised for you! 

The Load Stability On The Move will be made available in Mexico by the 4th quarter of 2023. 

Schedule a call with our test engineers today at to learn how we can help you. 

Those in Asia Pacific, worry not, you can still get your load stability testing done at our Newton LabBesides load stability testing, Newton Centre also offers a wide range of services and solutions for your packaging needs, solving your packaging challenges through education, testing, R&D and more.



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