Surprising Uses For Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is a thin plastic film that is typically used to seal and secure food items and keep them fresh. Consumers can buy food plastic wraps in individual rolls or a roll in a box.

Even though plastic wraps are normally used for preserving food, there are many other uses that are not commonly known.

In this post, we are pleased to present to you the top 12 ways in which you can use plastic wrap.

Protect Painting Tools

1. Protect Painting Tools

If you are a painter, you will be familiar with the fact that there is always a concern about drying out your paint rollers in this process.

You can easily resolve this issue by wrapping your paint rollers in plastic wrap overnight so that they do not dry out.

The wrap will form an airtight seal, keeping the paint wet, and you can simply remove it when you want to paint.

You can use plastic wrap for both paint rollers and paintbrushes.

2. Fix Windows

Cracks and chips in your home’s windows can be extremely annoying because they provide a passage to small insects.

In such a situation, you can use bunched-up plastic wrap to cover the crack.

You can also consider covering the entire window with cling film.

3. Remove Stickers

Most of the stickers, price tags, and various labels leave a sticky mess of glue and paper that can be difficult to remove.

However, you can make this process easier and quicker by wrapping plastic over the residue and rubbing off the sticky material.

Prevent Screen Smudges

4. Prevent Screen Smudges

It is quite common for mobile screens to get smudged, especially when you bring the device into the kitchen or such a working environment.

An easy way to prevent such undesirable screen smudges is by wrapping up your phone in plastic wrap.

5. Prevent Spills in Suitcase

There are many situations in which a bottle of shampoo or lotion can spill into your bag.

If you want to avoid such spills, you should be using plastic wrap to cover the holes of such bottles and then use the lid to properly secure the bottles.

You can follow this technique to store your products.

6. Keep Flowers Fresh

If you are travelling with flowers or want to keep them fresh in your house for a long period, you should be using plastic wrap to seal in the moisture.

This technique is useful in preventing the wilting of the flowers.

7. Store Cutlery

If you want to transport or store your cutlery, you can use plastic wrap to properly secure them.

You can achieve this by wrapping each set of cutleries in a separate piece of plastic wrap to get maximum protection and ensure that these items do not damage other items in your bag.

Keep the Fridge Clean using plastic wrap

8. Keep the Fridge Clean

Cleaning your fridge can be a hectic process.

You should be using plastic wrap to cover the top shelf of the fridge so that whenever there is a spill or accumulation of food on the shelf, you can simply remove the plastic wrap to clean it.

9. Open Bottles

If you are annoyed by the process of opening corked wine bottles, you will love using plastic wrap to get rid of the cork easily.

You can open any corked bottle by combining plastic wrap and the bottle in a pitcher and swirling them until the cork is removed.

10. Maximize the Benefit of Ointment Treatment

It is common to rub the ointment in sore spots like the knees.

You can maximize the benefits of the ointment by wrapping it with plastic wrap or food cling wrap.

The wrap will increase the heating effect of the ointment. However, make sure that your skin does not burn in this process.

fruits cover by plastic wrap

11. Keep Fruits Fresh

Some fruits like bananas get overripe quickly.

You can slow down this process by wrapping plastic around these fruits and keeping them fresh for a longer period.

12. Unclog Your Toilet

There are many situations in which a toilet can get heavily clogged, and a plunger fails to unclog it.

You can use plastic wrap to cover the toilet bowl and flush it.

After the plastic has swelled, you should push down to create pressure and unblock the pipeline.

All In All

These various benefits show plastic wrap is a highly useful product that can provide many different functions.

Unlike popular beliefs, the usage of plastic wrap is no longer limited to only food products.

Instead, you can use plastic wrap for storage, preservation, and even fixing things.

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