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Many years ago, plastic was thought to be not environment friendly. However, increasing awareness and evolution in the technology sector has produced several new methods of plastic recycling that can overcome the environmental issues it causes.

Today, it would not be wrong to say that the plastic industry has a bright future, because modern methods and strategies are allowing people and companies to recycle plastic more quickly and efficiently. Read on to find out about the future of plastic in great detail. 

Use of Plastics in Large Organizations

A considerable number of large corporations have agreed to reduce the quantity of single-use plastics in their products and services by using recyclable plastic. Many organizations, including world-leading brands like Coca-ColaStarbucksMcDonald’s and Nestlé, are setting up their own recycling plants to ensure maximum eco-friendly practices and working procedures. 

In fact, many countries have already passed legislation that makes it necessary for companies to fulfil a certain criterion for implementing eco-friendly practices. Moreover, various research and surveys have concluded that the majority of the consumers now prefer brands offering sustainable and eco-friendly products over the ones that are still sticking with single-use plastic.

It is not wrong for the customers to demand eco-friendly products and services because modern plastic recycling techniques allow every type of organization to implement its best customer-friendly and sustainable services. Large organizations, especially, have the required resources needed to handle such plastic recycling activities.

Why Plastic Recycling is Important?

Recycling plastic is important to minimize waste accumulated in landfills and especially the ocean, causing massive levels of pollution. As plastic has applications in each and every department of the companies in one way or another, it is impossible for organizations to completely replace plastic with some alternative material.

In such a complex situation, the best way for companies is to keep improving their recycling activities and ensuring minimum or no use of single plastic. In the last few years, the advancements in plastic recycling techniques have allowed people to find a middle ground and move towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future by recycling plastic. 

The future of the plastics industry will be greatly influenced by the demands of the consumers as well. As more people are becoming conscious of their environmental footprint, more organizations are adopting recycling strategies to fulfil the evolving demands of its customers. For example, manufacturing and packaging companies have started using stretch films in their business operations to provide maximum security to the products, along with recycling the stretch films.


Modern Changes in Plastics

Rapid and efficient recycling is the future of the plastics industry and has prompted scientists and innovators to rethink the plastics’ initial design in an effort to make it sustainable and safer.

As a result, bioplastics have emerged as a highly popular type of plastic, because they are manufactured from plant crops instead of fossil fuels. The end-product is much more sustainable and eco-friendly than the traditional types of plastics. Similarly, the use of biodegradable plastics has also increased. 

This shows that a lot of advancements are taking place in the plastic industry. Experts are continually looking for new ways to make the use of plastic and its recycling more efficient, quick and reliable. Most of the scientists and experts on plastics agree that recycling solutions currently present are not perfect, but with thorough research, investment and innovation, optimum recycling solutions can be developed. 

Many scientists are focusing on different types of plastic recycling, because it is a very comprehensive term that includes various kinds of materials, like soft, hard, pliable, stretch films, conventional plastic bags and cups that people use on a daily basis. Most of them have their own specific way of recycling, so it important for the researchers to find the best suitable recycling solution for each type of plastic.

Thong Guan’s Efforts in Creating a Sustainable Use of Plastics  

The current trends in the plastic industry show that recycling is going to become more important than ever.

In this regard, Thong Guan Industries Berhad has implemented several strategies in line with the Malaysian government efforts to create an environment-friendly and sustainable plastic industry, such as the following: 

  1. Reduction in the use of plastic straws
  2. Zero single-use plastics
  3. Cleaner plastics for recyclability via waste separation at source
  4. The use of sustainable and compostable bio bags will soon phase out typical plastic bags

In a Nutshell 

Due to customers’ demand and strict legislation, we believe more and more organizations will begin to focus on recycling plastic and adopting eco-friendly types of plastics.

The good thing is that scientists are always looking for better and quicker recycling solutions, so it can be expected that the plastic industry will keep implementing eco-friendly practices and reliable recycling procedures.  

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