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Every country around the world is still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries in Asia, including Malaysia, are also looking for modern solutions to overcome a variety of challenges in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

Most countries have already signed a number of agreements with drug manufacturers to obtain vaccines as soon as possible. Yet, there are still many challenges to distributing the vaccines globally, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries. 

The primary distribution challenge is associated with the fact that the vaccines from companies such as Pfizer need extremely low storage temperatures to ensure the proper efficacy. This requirement has resulted in numerous large-scale logistical issues in Malaysia and many other countries.


Storage Issues

Once the government obtains a sufficient number of vaccines, the next challenge is to store them without compromising their quality and efficacy. It is important to have essential medical equipment such as glass vials, syringes, and containers that can be used to store and transport vaccines.

The authorities must spend a considerable amount of money on establishing large pharmaceutical warehouses equipped with the required tools to store COVID-19 vaccines. The use of stretch films or stretch wraps has also increased because this type of packaging material is typically sturdy enough to package the common medical equipment.

Temperature Control

Maintaining cold temperatures for COVID-19 vaccine storage and transportation is important. Low-income markets are facing challenges in this area because controlling the temperature of the end-to-end pipeline is extremely difficult.

The government is obtaining help from global logistics companies such as UPS and DHL to ensure proper solutions are implemented to deal with the logistical challenges of COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Companies are also looking for modern and innovative packaging solutions other than the traditional stretch film or stretch wrap. One of the best cold-chain wrapping solutions is Thong Guan’s Nano Arctic Freezer Films.


Cold Chain Packaging with Thong Guan’s Nano Arctic Freezer Films

The following three factors impact cold-chain packaging solutions:

  1. If the product has to maintain particular physical qualities at a suitable temperature and other weather-related conditions, then cold-chain packaging solutions are useful in maintaining the ideal temperature. 
  2. The location at which the products are manufactured and where they are being transported heavily impacts the way a product is packaged. 
  3. The overall supply chain and distribution channels should be considered when choosing a suitable cold-chain packaging solution. 

The Thong Guan’s Nano Arctic cold-chain wrapping film is a highly useful packaging solution with maximum clarity and visibility, making it easier to examine the packaged products. Companies prefer it due to its reliable branding options.

Thong Guan’s Nano Arctic Freezer Films are beneficial in mitigating the challenges associated with COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Malaysia because it can keep the products’ temperature within a specific range.

Generally, cold-chain temperatures range from 2°C to 8°C for goods such as fruits and environmentally sensitive products. However, in the case of the vaccines, like the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, having a –70°C cold chain is important.

Thong Guan’s Nano Arctic Freezer Films are much better than conventional stretch films or stretch wraps because it has additional clinging properties that make it suitable in freezing temperatures for a variety of products, including the vaccine.

Benefits of Thong Guan’s Nano Arctic Freezer Film

Using Thong Guan’s Nano Arctic Freezer Film allows manufacturers and distributors to keep products fresh and protect their quality during the entire storage and transportation process. As a result, companies are also able to cut down on temperature-based damages. 

Moreover, Thong Guan’s Nano Arctic Freezer Films are significantly stronger than a simple stretch film as it provides exceptional support and protection to products like glass vials. Even when Thong Guan’s Nano Arctic film is used in temperature-controlled rooms, the film will firmly stick to each other. 

In a Nutshell

Thong Guan’s Nano Arctic Freezer Films are one of the most reliable and efficient cold chain wrapping solutions that are beneficial for extremely low-temperature refrigerants like the COVID-19 vaccines.

Companies can rely on the Nano Arctic freezer film to resolve a variety of distribution challenges. This makes Thong Guan’s Nano Arctic Freezer Films extremely useful to store and transport COVID-19 vaccines in Malaysia while maintaining vaccines stability.

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