Thong Guan Velocity - High Speed Wrapping Redefined

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing and logistics, efficient packaging solutions are crucial to ensure smooth operations and cost-effective transportation. 

However, the challenges of high-speed wrapping have long plagued industries, with inferior thin films causing disruptions, wastage, and unnecessary costs. 

But fear not, a groundbreaking solution is here—introducing “Velocity,” the ultra-thin, tough stretch film that is set to redefine your high-speed wrapping and improve sustainability across the supply chain.

Understanding the High-Speed Wrapping Dilemma

High-speed wrapping, a critical process in various industries such as food and beverages, cement, and logistics, demands reliable and efficient stretch films. 

Unfortunately, many businesses have faced recurring issues with inferior thin films that tend to break easily during rapid wrapping. 

When breakage occurs, it leads to stoppages, downtime, and the need to rewrap pallet loads. 

This not only disrupts the entire production line but also generates unsustainable plastic film wastage.

Furthermore, in an attempt to compensate for the inferior film’s lack of load containment, some companies resort to overwrapping their pallets. 

This not only increases material consumption but also incurs unnecessary costs, making it an unsustainable practice in the long run.

Meet Velocity—The Next Generation Stretch Film

Velocity enters the scene as a game-changing stretch film designed with advanced technology and precision. 

Thong Guan Velocity High Performance Wrapping Redefined

Utilising a cutting-edge 67-nanotechnology layered structure, Velocity’s superiority lies not in the number of layers but in how these layers work together to achieve exceptional performance.

Available in 10 µm and 12 µm thickness options, Velocity is specially crafted for ultra-high-performance wrapping, particularly on ring wrappers running at top speeds. 

Its most significant advantage lies in its improved tear propagation and puncture resistance. 

As a result, businesses can now wrap at high speeds with confidence, knowing that Velocity will not succumb to breakage, ensuring uninterrupted operations and reducing film wastage.

The Impact of Velocity on Load Containment and Sustainability

For brand owners dealing with transportation and logistics, ensuring high load containment is paramount to prevent damages during transit. 

Velocity’s revolutionary design grants it a high holding force, which translates into superior load containment, minimising the risk of accidents and product damage in transit. 

This not only saves costs associated with repackaging and resending goods but also enhances overall supply chain sustainability.

Moreover, Velocity’s thinness, combined with its exceptional strength, aligns perfectly with businesses’ sustainability goals. 

Its ability to provide optimal load containment means using just the right amount of film, avoiding unnecessary overwrapping, and ultimately reducing plastic film wastage.

The Nano-Layered Technology Behind Velocity

Velocity’s prowess can be attributed to its innovative nano-layered technology. 

While a detailed explanation is available in this article on nanotechnology, the key takeaway is the seamless collaboration of the nanolayers to improve tear propagation and tear resistance that outperforms conventional alternatives.

Nanotechnology stretch film layers working like bullet resistance glasses

You can rely on Velocity to achieve consistent and efficient wrapping results, but it is the tangible benefits that matter the most—minimised downtime, reduced costs, and less plastic film wastage.

A Commitment to Excellence and Customer Support

At Thong Guan, we have always been at the forefront of innovation. 

The company is driven by a commitment to excellence, continuously improving competencies and capacities to maintain a competitive edge through technological advancements.

As a customer-centric organisation, we pride ourselves on providing unique and tailored customer experiences. 

Our team of experts stands ready to assist customers in optimising their packaging needs, ensuring that Velocity’s potential is maximised for each business’s specific requirements.

Additionally, Thong Guan’s sister company, Newton R&D Laboratory, plays a vital role in testing and certifying Velocity’s wrapping efficiency, guaranteeing top-notch performance for every application.

Thong Guan: Newton R&D Centre

Sustainability Beyond Stretch Wrapping

Velocity goes beyond just being a stretch film—it embodies sustainability in multiple ways. 

By enabling optimal load containment, you can reduce accidents during transportation, leading to significant cost savings and environmental benefits. 

The reduction in plastic film waste contributes to a greener, more eco-friendly supply chain.

Ultimately, embracing Velocity is not just a choice for high-speed wrapping efficiency but a conscious step towards building a safer, better, and greener working world.


Velocity has arrived, shattering the limitations of conventional thin films and redefining high-speed wrapping for industries worldwide. 

With its ultra-thin yet tough construction, improved tear propagation, and high holding force, Velocity is a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer-driven solutions.

As you embrace the unparalleled benefits of Velocity, you embark on a journey towards a sustainable and efficient future, revolutionising your packaging processes and achieving your sustainability goals. 

Don’t be left behind—make the switch to Velocity and experience the true potential of high-speed wrapping without compromise.

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