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Flexible Packaging Manufacturer Delivers Value as a Sustainability Advocator

ISCC PLUS & GRS Certificates Awarding Ceremony

Thong Guan Industries Berhad celebrates the acceptance of ISCC PLUS and GRS certifications with a small yet significant ceremony on Monday, the 7th of February 2022. 

This highly anticipated milestone is very significant for the Thong Guan family. 

Our sustainability efforts began over 20 years ago and subsequently the official opening of our recycling plant in September 2011.

TGSH Recycling Plant

Over the years, we have slowly but gradually increased our efforts in creating impact in this industry. 

These certificates come in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments, including:

  • The launching of #LiveGreen, our green initiative programmes, in April 2021
  • The release of NanoGreen, our first 30% recycled machine film with high containment force
  • The achievement of higher than 50% recycled content in our flexible packaging with consistent quality performance

Suffice to say, today it is and will be our continued mission to advocate for sustainability.

The private ceremony was attended by our distinguished guest, Mr Supun Nigamuni, the General Manager of Control Union Malaysia, who also presented us with the certificates. 

Mr Supun of Control Union speech during certificates awarding ceremony

Officiated by Dato’ PK Ang, Executive Director of TGIB, it was a short luncheon ceremony to commemorate the milestone achieved.

Dato PK Ang speech during certificates awarding ceremony

On our recent acceptance of these green certificates, Thong Guan Group Managing Director Dato’ Ang Poon Chuan noted that

“This momentous milestone is significant for us as it solidifies our commitment towards sustainability. In contributing to preserving our environment and reducing our carbon footprint, we are helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals as well. We will continue to increase our sustainability efforts and innovations towards a circular economy for the industry.”

Quantifying our sustainability efforts

“Improved assessments and frameworks, like ISCC and GRS, have made advocating circular economy possible for us as a plastic film manufacturer. As such, this marks a significant milestone for Thong Guan to charge forward with quantifiable sustainability impacts and innovative solutions,” 

– Dato’ PK Ang, Executive Director of Thong Guan Industries Berhad

Aptly spoken. 

With the standards and systems designed by organisations like ISCC Association and Control Union, companies like ours can easily quantify the impacts of our sustainability efforts.

As a flexible packaging manufacturer, part of our sustainability advocacy is to demystify what was once thought impossible or misconstrued as the creator of pollutants. 

As we cannot stress enough that plastic is not the problem. 

Plastic waste management is the primary factor in our threatening situation.

That is why we ensure we have our in-house recycling plant and continually find ways to reuse plastic wastes in closing the loop without compromising the quality of our products for our customers.

The efforts benefit not just us but also our customers in achieving their own set of sustainability goals.

Inspiring changes and creating impact

NanoGreen with ISCC PLUS logo
Maxstretch Green with ISCC PLUS logo

Embarking on the path to closing the loop is not an easy journey.

Many changes and sacrifices have to be made—from the way we run specific processes to the mindset of the people influencing change in partners and customers.

Amid challenges, our determination and the beliefs of our stakeholders in us have driven us to achieve one milestone after another.

We hope our work inspires others in our industry—partners, customers and stakeholders—to attempt at closing the loop. 

Everything is possible when we do it together. 

In this industry, when all stakeholders, namely resins makers, equipment makers, plastic converters, packagers, policymakers and regulators, and brand owners, communicate, work and brainstorm well together, we can achieve wonders.

So let’s do it for the sake of posterity.

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