Bolt – Simple at its best for hand wrapping convenience

Progression in the plastic packaging industry is vital. 

We are constantly looking for better-optimised ways to unitise our pallets. The same goes for our products. 

All for the same underlying reason, to reduce unsaleables. That impacts the bottom lines and contributes to less wastage.

Focusing on innovation, we are constantly working to identify gaps, problems, and challenges our customers face.

Then we create solutions to solve issues. But that’s not just it.

We also want to ensure the solutions are simple enough for our customers to apply—or at least become simple for applications, despite the complexity behind the creation.

As such, we bring you Bolt 2.0.

Before, with Bolt, you can already

  • wrap your pallets without worrying about fatigue or injury,
  • apply faster without worrying about snapping with the smooth dispensing mechanism,
  • install and refresh the films with speed,
  • even reach the bottom of your pallets without scrapping the floor, and
  • have a stronger wrapping bond by adjusting the tension with our unique torque limiter.

The upgrades you will get from Bolt 2.0 will take your hand wrapping ease to the next level. 

1. You can hold on to your Bolt the entire day

Bolt with comfortable grip

As one of the lightest hand film dispensers in the market, we want to ensure your hand wrapping is as fatigue-free as possible.

The fact that it is light also bring ample benefits to your application.

This implies that anyone can wrap consistently regardless of size, gender, strength, or the wrapper’s condition throughout the day. 

With Bolt 2.0, it’s lightweight plus a comfortable grip.

Now, you can hold on to it the entire day without straining your hands.

2. You’ll get a personal Magneto to hold your dispenser

Bolt with magnet to snap it to anywhere anytime

Just attach the magnets, and you can leave your Bolt anywhere, anytime, with just a snap.

Go on and snap your Bolt onto any metal racks, which is commonly found in your workplace. Or even the forklift as you transport your pallets from one place to another.

It’s fun. But most importantly, it’s convenient.

3. No more tumbling Bolt as you prepare to wrap

Bolt with stand to leave it on the floor while preparing for wrapping

A tumbling toddler is worrisome. Bolt is now graduating to standing on its own. 

If you don’t feel like snapping it to metals, you can leave it on the ground. And it will stand, loyally waiting for you to prepare for your next wrapping task.

What’s more, you bend less to pick it up when it’s standing. Your bones will thank you.

Yes, just leave it anywhere to stand.

It’s Simple at its Best

Bolt — It's Simple at Its Best, just add on to do less

Just like that. Easy upgrades for the best of your applications. As promised, simplicity is at its best.

And, if you already own a Bolt, no worries.

These add-ons are available for orders individually.

Contact us today at to start Bolt-ing your wrap!